APP - MISC BUXUS microphylla 'Compacta' 10-20-2015

Today’s Special is our Compact Littleleaf Boxwood. Get 6 plants of this variety for $24.99.

Best grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers sun-dappled part shade and moist, sandy loams with a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline pH. Avoid cultivating around plants because they have shallow roots. Roots generally appreciate a good mulch (1-2″). Thin plants and remove dead/damaged branches annually as needed to improve air circulation.

In USDA Zones 5 and 6, this boxwood is best sited in a sheltered location that will protect it in winter from strong winds and full sun. Carefully remove snow accumulations from plants as quickly as practicable to minimize stem/branch damage.  This species of boxwood (also called small-leaved boxwood) is a dense, compact, evergreen shrub whose leaves often bronze in St. Louis winters. ‘Compacta’ is an extremely slow-growing cultivar that may reach only 8-10″ tall in the first 15 years. Obovate, evergreen, light green leaves (to 1/4″ long). Insignificant spring flowers. It is valued as a bonsai plant. Zones 6 to 9.

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