Today’s Special (3-2-14):  Canadian Hemlock Seedlings – $1.94 Each

ENC - Canadian Hemlock Plugs 3-2-14

Today’s Special is our Canadian Hemlock, Tsuga canadensisThese are growing in plug containers for $1.94 each. We have over 5,000 of these in this container size for the season. 

One of the most graceful conifers. Pyramidal when young becoming pendulous pyramidal with age. The foliage is deep green with two white bands on the underside of each needle. Grow in full sun or light shade on moist well drained soil. The species is tolerant of alkaline soils. Avoid sites exposed to winter winds.

Use as a specimen, grouping or a clipped hedge. Seed source: Upper Michigan. These will grow to 25 to 35 feet wide and 40 to 70 feet tall. Zones 3 to 7.

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