Today’s Special (2-23-14)

Buddleia BUZZ ‘Sky Blue’ Perennial Plugs – $2.53 Each 

ECG - Buddleia Buzz™ Sky Blue 2-22-14

Today’s Special is our Buddleia BUZZ ‘Sky Blue’ Perennial Plugs. These are growing in 2 inch plug containers for $2.53 each. We have only 64 of these available.


Buddleia BUZZ ‘Sky Blue’ has lovely, blue flowers in shades from lavender to light blue. The foliage and new shoots are a stylish grey. The growth habit is upright to slightly bushy, light and elegant. Flowering time is from July to October. Being low, it is perfect for containers or planted in small beds.


BUZZ are mini Buddleias which are ideal for large pots or small terrace beds. They flower from July to October. The uses are many for these interesting, strong and graceful plants which flower throughout the summer with a refined scent attracting butterflies from far and near, creating an ever changing scene in the garden and adding height and décor in interaction with other plants. Buddleia Buzz have a compact, well branching habit which is very ornamental, and produce flowers already in the first season. Plant in full sun, e.g. in large containers or pots from where they may later be planted out in the garden beds, preferably in the foreground as they do not reach the size of ordinary buddleias. Water and feed regularly, but take care neither to over-water nor to let dry out ! The plants are relatively hardy, that is after most winters the growth will continue from last year’s branches. Plants will grow up to one metre in height. It is recommended to cut withered branches after the new shoots start appearing in spring. Zones 5 to 9.


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