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CARYOPTERIS X 'FIRST CHOICE' 03-07-13Today’s Special is our ‘First Choice’ Blue Mist Spirea. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers and are 6 to 10 inches tall with a well-formed root system and nicely branched for $4.37 each.

The ‘First Choice’ Caryopteris Plant is a new Blue Mist cultivar. The lighter branching habit and inky-blue buds that open to deep, vivid blue flower spikes create a stunning “mist” above serrated, grayish-green leaves. Master gardeners recommend planting with Autumn Joy Sedum or White Surprise Caryopteris for an arresting display!

This variety of Caryopteris grows to a mature size of 24 to36 inches tall and wide; needs full sun to partial shade for best growth; flowers mid summer to early fall. Also, this variety is drought tolerant, but water water deeply and infrequently. Zones 5 to 9.

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