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Thuja plicata x. standishii 'Green Giant'Today’s special is our Green Giant Arborvitae. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers and are 8 to 14 inches tall for $4.94 each!

Best grown in moist, fertile, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Tolerates somewhat wide range of soils and some dry conditions. Best in full sun, but generally appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates. For screens, plant trees 5-6′ apart. Plant trees further apart for other uses.

Green Giant’ is a fast-growing arborvitae hybrid cultivar (T. plicata x T. standishii) that is often promoted as a disease-free substitute for Leland cypress, particularly in the southeastern U.S. Trees may grow to 40-60′ tall with a dense, narrow, pyramidal habit, but can be easily kept more compact by pruning for screens or hedges. In the proper environment, trees can add up to 3-4′ of growth per year. Horizontal to slightly upright branching with sprays of scale-like dark green foliage. Foliage does not yellow in winter. Small, upright, light brown seed cones (to 1/2″ long). Zones 5 to 8.

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