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PACHYSANDRA procumbens Allegheny 12-3-11Today’s special is our Allegheny Pachysandra. These are growing in 3 inch containers for $6.37 each!

Best grown in acidic, organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Plants thrive in sun dappled shade under large trees. Foliage tends to bleach when grown in too much sun. Established plants tolerate drought. For use as a ground cover, set starter plants 6-12″ apart. Plants will slowly spread by rhizomes to form colonies. Avoid overhead watering and thin plants periodically to promote good air circulation, particularly if plants have experienced problems with leaf blight. Propagate by root division or cuttings.

Pachysandra procumbens, commonly known as Allegheny spurge, is a shrubby, ground cover which grows 8-12″ tall and spreads indefinitely by rhizomes to form a dense carpet of matte blue-green leaves mottled with purple and white. It is native to woodlands from North Carolina and Kentucky south to Florida and Texas. Ovate to suborbicular leaves (to 3″ long) are coarsely toothed at the apex but untoothed at the base. Tiny, fragrant, greenish white to white flowers bloom in terminal spikes (2-4″ long) in early spring before the new leaves arrive. Genus name comes from the Greek words pachys (thick) and andros (male) in reference to the male parts of the flower (thick stamens). Specific epithet from Latin means trailing in reference to the rhizomatous ground cover habit. Zones 5 to 9.

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