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Himalayacalamus falconeri 02-06-13Today’s special is our Himalayacalamus falconeri (Candy-Stripe Bamboo) Plants – Clumping Bamboo. These are growing in 2 inch plug containers for $7.00 each. These are available for immediate shipping.

Himalayacalamus falconeri ‘Damarapa’ (Candy-Stripe Bamboo) – This is a newly erected genus of clump-forming bamboos of the lower altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. It is a beautiful bamboo with masses of leaves borne on long, slender branchlets. Culms to 20- 30 feet tall (20′ in S. California) by up to 2 inches wide are green, striped with yellow or lavender-pink. Can be particularly nice in cool climates that do not get hard frosts such as in coastal central and northern California. Formerly listed as Drepanostachyum hookerianum. Plant in part to sun – canes lack red color in deep shade. It is hardy to 15 degrees F

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