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horseradish 01-06-2013
Today’s special is our Horseradish. These are available in rooted stock format. This is a pre-order for spring shipping. The price per 25 plants is $75.00.  These will be ready to ship in March/April.  Horseradish is a rugged, cold-hardy (to USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 3) perennial that grows best where there’s enough of a winter to force the plants into dormancy.  Loosen the soil to 12 inches deep and add a shovelful of compost. Plant the root cutting at a 45-degree angle, with the top of the cutting 2 inches below the soil line. Be sure not to plant the cutting upside down. Root cuttings from nurseries generally come precut and just need to be planted. Space them 30 inches apart.   When ordering, please specify when you would like your horseradish roots delivered.