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Today’s Special is our Black Chokeberry. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers and are 6 to 12 inches tall for $3.99 each.

About Aronia melanocarpa:  Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of wide range of soils, including both dry and boggy soils. Best fruit production occurs in full sun. Spreads by root suckers to form colonies

Black chokeberry is an open, upright, spreading, somewhat rounded but leggy, deciduous shrub which typically grows 3-6 feet tall. Features clusters of 5-petaled, white flowers in spring which are followed in early autumn by blackish purple, blueberry-sized fruits which usually do not persist into winter. Lustrous, dark green foliage turns an attractive purplish red in autumn. Although technically edible, the fruits are extremely tart and bitter, and are not recommended for eating off the bush (hence the common name of chokeberry), but may be used for making tasty jams and jellies. Zones 3 to 8.

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