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Today’s Special is our Silver Mound Artemesia. These are growing in 1 inch plug containers for $1.33 each.

About: Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’: Bright silver foliage great for edging. Likes a dry sunny place. Split and replant each year for the showiest mounds. Artemisias are prized for their silver leaves and excellent texture.

Artemisia are prized for their aromatic silver leaves, excellent texture and vigorous growth. They do not flower conspicuously but are used for their contrasting foliage. Best in hot, dry situations in sandy soil.  Fast growing. Can be cut back in spring to control size. Do not cut into old wood – look for buds to start and do not cut below that. Can be sheared during the summer if needed – new foliage will flush out quickly.  Grows to 10 to 14 inches tall and good in zones 4 to 8.

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