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Today’s special is our Gold Fountains SedgeThese are growing in 1 inch plug containers and are 6 to 8 inches tall for only $2.83 each!

Easily grown in medium to wet soils in part shade to full shade. Thrives in moist soils, but also does well in average garden soils as long as they are not allowed to dry out. Cut foliage to the ground and remove in late winter. Although evergreen in moderate to warm winter climates (USDA Zones 7-9).

‘Kaga-nishiki’ is a dense, clump-forming sedge typically growing 10-14″ tall and to 20″ wide. It has insignificant flowers and is grown for its foliage effect. Features fine-textured, narrow, grass-like, bright green leaves (to 3/16″ wide) which are edged with yellow. Leaves arch upward and outward in a fountain-like tuft. In the US this cultivar is commonly sold under the trade name of GOLD FOUNTAINS. Zones 5 to 9.

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