Today’s special is our ‘Golden Bells’ Forsythia. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers for $3.50 each!

Characteristics: This is a flowering plant spreads up to 4 feet. The flowers of the trees are deep golden flowers, and are more thickly and evenly distributed along the stems when compared to the other varieties. It grows in ordinary to poor soil and has the capacity to withstand adverse city conditions. This plant can easily be pruned, after the blooming; in fact it has been done so to maintain desired height and in fact it will bloom better next year. For hedge, plant is 4 feet apart. The plant bears a very rugged and ornamental shrub with a height of about 3.5 feet and it spread up to four feet. The plant originally belongs to Oleaceae or the olive Family. Forsythia Intermedia, the flowering plant blooms against an unusually clear blue sky in the early April in fact in the beginning of the spring. This is in fact one of the first shrubs to bloom in spring, the flowers are 1-2 inches and are across with four narrow petals that spread out at right angles from the short tube. There are in fact 1-3 flowers per node. The mature height is 8 to 12 feet and width is 5 to 12 feet. The average growth per year is 13 to 24 inches. Zones 4 to 9.

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