Today’s special is our Nellie Stevens Holly. These 8 to 10 inches tall and growing in 2.5 inch containers for $4.38 each.

Culture:  The Nellie Stevens Holly has become very popular because it is very fast growing, more than 3 feet per year. This plant even thrives on neglect, it will stay deep green all year, unlike other hedge trees that can brown out during either the summer heat or mild droughts. One great thing about the Nellie Stevens Holly is that you can control how it grows, whether you want it to grow naturally into a dense, pyramidal shape, or you can prune it into a nice tall box hedge. When the tree gets to the height you want it to be then just clip off the leader, and this will slow down the growth and make it thicken out.

Noteworthy Characteristics:The Nellie Stevens Holly is perfect to use for hedges and privacy screens. When you plant these 5-6 feet apart you can create a living wall that will give you complete privacy with no holes or gaps. These holly trees make a perfect addition to any landscape as an accent tree or at the coners of your home. The dark green foliage makes it stand out against setting. Grows 15 to 25 feet tall and 5 to 10 feet wide. Zones 6 to 9.

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