Today’s special is our Common Hackberry. These are growing in quart containers for $7.20 each. 

Culture:  Best grown in moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates part shade. Also tolerates wind, many urban pollutants and a wide range of soil conditions, including both wet, dry and poor soils.

Noteworthy Characteristics:  Common hackberry is a medium to large sized deciduous tree that typically grows 40-60′ (less frequently to 100′) tall with upright-arching branching and a rounded spreading crown. Trunk diameter ranges from 1-3′ (less frequently to 4′). Mature gray bark develops corky ridges and warty texture. Insignificant, mostly monoecious, greenish flowers appear in spring (April -May), with male flowers in clusters and female flowers solitary. Female flowers give way to an often abundant fruit crop of round fleshy berry-like drupes maturing to deep purple. Each drupe has one round brown seed within. Fruits are attractive to a variety of wildlife. Birds consume the fruits and disperse the seeds. Fleshy parts of the fruit are edible and somewhat sweet. Ovate to oblong-ovate, rough-textured, glossy to dull green leaves (2-5″ long) have mostly uneven leaf bases and are coarsely toothed from midleaf to acuminate (sharply pointed) tip. Undistinguished yellow fall color. Zones 2 to 9.

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