Today’s special is our Winter Jasmine. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers for $3.72 each. 

Culture:  Best grown in well-drained sandy loams with regular moisture in full sun to part shade. Tolerates full shade but with much reduced flowering. As a vine, it is perhaps best sited where it would receive full winter sun, such as the south side of a building or against a south-facing wall. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions. Train as a vine on a support structure or sprawl along the ground. When grown as a ground cover, plants will spread less aggresively in poor, lean soils. Prune as needed in early spring just after flowering is completed. If renovation is needed, cut back hard to 18-24″ or replace plants.

Noteworthy Characteristics: Winter jasmine is a trailing, viny shrub that grows from a central crown. As a shrub, it typically grows in a sprawling mound to 4′ tall with arching branches, and spreads by trailing branches that root as they go along the ground. As a vine, it typically grows to 10-15′. Willowy green stems are attractive in winter. Non-fragrant, bright yellow flowers bloom along the stems in late winter before the leaves. Compound, trifoliolate, dark green leaves with ovate leaflets (to 1.25″ long). Zones 6 to 10.

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