'Golden Raintree'

Today’s special is our Panicled Goldenraintree. These are available in 3 inch containers for only $4.95 each!   

Culture:  Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun. Adapts to a wide range of soils. Tolerates drought and many city air pollutants.

Noteworthy Characteristics: Golden Raintree is a small, open-branching, irregularly-shaped, deciduous tree with a rounded crown which typically grows 30-40′ tall and as wide. Features pinnate or bipinnate, feathery, compound leaves (to 18″ long), each leaf having 7-17 irregularly lobed leaflets. Leaves emerge pinkish bronze to purplish in spring, mature to a bright green in summer and turn yellow (quality variable) in fall. Bright yellow flowers (1/2″ wide) appear in early summer in long, terminal, panicles (12-15″). Falling blossoms may or may not resemble “golden rain”, but the fallen blossoms often form an attractive golden carpet under the tree. Flowers give way to interesting, brown, papery seed capsules which somewhat resemble Chinese lanterns.   Zones 6 to 9.

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